Hot-air airships are steerable and an impressive alternative to conventional hot-air balloons. They combine the advantage of helium filled blimps and hot air balloons. A considerable difference to helium filled airships is, that a hot air airship can can be set up and dismantled in a very short time and then be transported in a trailer.
Technical data Hot air airship AS 105 GD
Volume: 3000 m3
Length: 41 m
Hight: 15 m
Diameter: 12,8 m
Crew: Pilot + 3 Passengers
Groundcrew: 5
Powered: 65 PS Rotax engine
Flight duration: 1-3 hours
Advertising space about 30 m x 8 m on each side
changeable space 24 m x 7 m on each side
Individual advertising space on the airships body
Opportunities for use - Promotions
- Balloon- and Airship meetings
- Aerial photography
- Open-air events
- Special events

Crew, towcar and storage trailer will be colored acording to the companies logo and colors.

Prices You will be surprised how cost-effective these airships can be operated. Ask us for a proposal.

A with non explosive Helium filled Blimp will get attention as much as 24 hour per day ! If mored to the mast outside the hangar and light up at night no one can pass by without noticing this gigant "flying cigar"

Technical data AU 12 M Blimp
Volume: 1250 m3
Length: 34 m
Hight: 10,74 m
Diameter: 8,47 m
Airship Crew: Pilot + 1 Passenger
Ground Crew: 5
Engine: 1 x 100 PS Rotax
Flight duration: up to 6 hours
Advertising space For long term advertising all body will be available.
For short term we apply banners on both sides that messure 26 m x 6 m each.
Opportunities for use

- Productplacement
- Company advertising
- Sightseeing flights for your guests
- Airship Promotion Tours
- Attraction at great Events
- Monitoring flights

The graphically appearance of our crew and the supporting cars can be adapted to the aiship and your companys design.


At a minimum charter of 12 months the costs amount to approximate CHF 70' 000. - per month. However this can differ due to the numerous possibilities. Therefore a detailed discussion is recommended in each case to co-ordinate your requirements with the airships possibilities.